Meet Our Team

Support our Future began as a passion project by a team involved in a leadership and development training called Redesign. Redesign challenged us to cast off the limiting beliefs that have had us live small and to believe and accept that we can create the life and world we want.  We choose to stand for a world that is loving, authentic, joyful, abundant, and passionate; and our aim every day is to be the people who live that vision for tomorrow … today.

Ali Boone is a Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Her career began working alongside functional medicine practitioners to support patients with digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, cardiometabolic, diabetes, and blood sugar imbalances. She currently works as a Learning & Development Manager for a nutraceutical and microbiome research company, Microbiome Labs. Her passion is educating, coaching, and empowering individuals with knowledge, and skills to deepen the connection with themselves and others. She lives with her husband and Border Collie/Blue Heeler pup in Charlotte, NC. In her spare time, you can find her hiking, playing soccer, doing yoga, and cooking!

Nicole Sydney is a proud wife, mother, and homemaker from Massachusetts. She earned a BS in Accounting from The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2007.  After college, she worked in accounting and Business Management until she had her son Jayden in 2015.  She enjoys pottery, crocheting, and crafting and is not afraid to get her hands dirty!  Mostly she loves spending time outside enjoying and exploring nature with her family.  Nicole is passionate about ensuring our planet's health and is active in environmental and wildlife conservation. She stands for a world with equality, love, healing, acceptance, and peace!

Laila Williams is a business owner and an avid dog mom living in the heart of North Carolina.  She is a lover by nature - of people, new experiences, delicious food, and all the myriad details that make life beautiful and challenging.  She's always rooting for you to win, even if she doesn't know you yet, and her origin always makes her smile:  Laila was born in Brasil - in Victory in the Holy Spirit (literally - the city Vitoria (victory) in the state Espirito Santo (Holy Spirit)) – can’t get much better than that!

Pallavi Varandani is a female engineer and explore...  She is a bold and powerful leader. She brings her experience and technical expertise to make this world a better place. Pallavi strongly believes that 'the steps you take don't have to be big, they just need to take you in the right direction.' Her work contribution to Support Our Future is just small steps toward a magnificent and peaceful future and she's honored to have this opportunity to make a difference.

Kevin Ryan graduated from West Point in 1996 with a degree in Engineering Management. After that, he spent the next eight years leading and training soldiers in Alaska and Colorado. He commanded two companies in Iraq and left the Army for civilian life in 2004.  After a short stint with Booz Allen Hamilton in Michigan, he found himself working, in New York and South Carolina, for CareCore National, helping his father with the expansion of his management company.  While it was a less obvious path for a former commander, Kevin deeply values the lessons gained in the eight years of developing management products and building client relationships, but most importantly, having the privilege and honor of working next to his father. In 2012, his fiancé, Meredith Sutton, bought him a home brewing kit. He began tinkering with it immediately, fascinated by both the process and the product.  Within seven months they began working on the plans to open a brewery inspired by service to the country and community. Service Brewing Company opened in Downtown Savannah, GA in 2014 and distributes its product throughout Georgia and the Carolinas

Rae Fixler is a retired elementary school teacher who loves helping children live healthy and happy lives. Her interests include traveling, folk dancing, hiking, and volunteering at her local food bank.

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