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Scared Child

Imagine having to hide in a cellar for days and then escape in the middle of the night for survival. All you know is that there is something awful and dangerous just outside, a monster!  This experience would be frightening for an adult, now think of how it would feel as a child.

Picture having to flee to some strange unknown place leaving behind family members and everything that you have ever known.  Now you are scared, confused and surrounded by strangers who look, speak and even eat differently than you do.  You have no idea where you are going to end up or if you will ever see your parents again.

This is the reality for many children from Ukraine who now find themselves in orphanages and refugee camps in Poland.  The trauma these children have experienced will likely be passed on for generations to come in some way, if not properly addressed.  We can all assist in preventing that from happening and provide them hope and healing.

Undoubtedly their lives are forever changed but we can act now to make a difference in their future.  By providing them mental health and educational resources they have a chance! Letting them know there are people who care may help them cope, heal and thrive going forward.

My heart truly breaks for these children, I pray that they can heal from this trauma!  Children are beautiful innocent and resilient but they need our love and support!

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